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Automatically Send Messages

The FastMessage service enables you to contact your customers or patients by text message and/or email. These messages can be scheduled in advance to be automatically sent on a specified date and time, or can be sent instantly as needed.

* A dentist sends reminders to all patients the day before their appointment.
* A car dealership sends messages to remind customers when they’re due for an oil change.
* A university sends an emergency alert to all of its students and teachers.
* A bank sends reminders to its customers a week before when loan payments are due.
* A store sends a coupon code offering a special 10% discount if they show the code.

Reach Others Instantly

FastMessage allows you to quickly and effectively reach your target audience within seconds. It is widely reported by industry studies that over 90% of consumers open and read all their text messages – and keep a cell phone within reach more than 84 percent of the time, 24-hours a day.  In addition, more and more individuals are checking their email instantly and remotely via PDAs.

A benefit of using U.S.NEXT’s web-based messaging tool is that no locally installed software is required, and it's compatibale with all web browsers. Messages can be sent from any PC connected to the Internet.



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